diagnostic records and treatment planning

If orthodontic treatment is warranted and you wish to proceed further, diagnostic records would be obtained and we would arrange a subsequent treatment planning consultation for you.  If you would prefer to do so, we may take diagnostic records at your initial consultation but this can be done at a subsequent appointment if that is more convenient.

Diagnostic records include photographs of the teeth and face and impressions for dental casts (“models of the teeth”). We will also refer you to a radiology clinic for any radiographs (“x-rays”) that you require.  The records are used to accurately diagnose your orthodontic problems and formulate a customised treatment plan for you. They also serve as a reference to monitor your progress during your treatment.  Many of our patients love to look back in time at how much their teeth have changed since they started their treatment.

After performing a detailed analysis of your records, Dr Brooks will discuss with you your orthodontic diagnosis and outline all available treatment options in detail, including their objectives, benefits, risks and limitations. Parents/ partners of patients are encouraged to attend this informative visit where we will also discuss probable time frames, treatment fees and payment options.  We encourage you to ask any questions that you may have at this point, prior to the commencement of your treatment.  At or soon after your treatment planning consultation, you will be provided with a detailed written report outlining all of the above information, a copy of which will be forwarded to your referring dentist and any other specialists directly involved in your management.

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